1. 7 Days 7 Minutes (2014-07-14) CATS! Sony A7S, Epic Lightning and more… 00:00 MONDAY Sony A7S 01:00 TUESDAY Random Shinjuku Frame-rate Tests 02:00 WEDNESDAY Unboxing 03:00 THURSDAY Cats! 04:00 FRIDAY Screens 05:00 SATURDAY Grocery Run 06:05 SUNDAY Ride The Lightning

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  5. Why Did The Idols Run Across Shibuya Crossing? (Random Japan) To make the dirty old man who owns them rich! Because I don’t want to help with that I’m not going to link to anything from this idol group, if you care, google the name on their flag… a word of warning though… if you listen to their music your ears will bleed.

  7. 7 Days 7 Minutes (2014-07-07) Shibuya Scramble, Supertyphoon Neoguri, Akihabara Maids and more… 00:00 MONDAY Akihabara Streetwalkers 01:00 TUESDAY Super Typhoon Neoguri 02:00 WEDNESDAY Renewing my Drivers License 03:00 THURSDAY Clouds Moving Across The Sky 04:00 notFRIDAY Shibuya Scramble 00:00 SATURDAY Crossings 00:00 notSUNDAY A Shout Out To Mortaine6 Music: Mama 2 (feat. Manny Marx) by The Living http://ift.tt/1tuEYW8

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  9. Like a Boss

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  10. 7 Days 7 Minutes (2014-06-30) Nagano, A Holy Vending Machine, Driving and More… 00:00 notMONDAY Nagano is Beautiful 01:00 TUESDAY Just Driving 02:00 WEDNESDAY First World Problems 03:00 THURSDAY Bird Watching 04:00 FRIDAY Holy Vending Machine 00:00 notSATURDAY Anti-Nuclear Protest 00:00 notSUNDAY Always the best part of the trip. Tuesday music was all shuffled form my iPod while driving. Thursday Tune by Manny Marx: http://ift.tt/148j13a support him and his epic music.